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Wall Art & Albums

The Cezanne

Airy Room - Cezanne.png

A time-honored, classically framed, museum-quality print.

Choose between a single-hanging picture or a set of.  

Available in a magnificent assortment of styles and colors.

Sizes range from 16"x 24" to 24"x 36"

For a single framed image prices range from $280 - $600

Orange Room - Picasso.png

The Picasso

A classic yet highly original and striking feature for your front room or kitchen. The Picasso is composed of nine square-framed images

designed to be arranged in a 3x3 grid.

Available in three overall sizes:

26"x 26" | 32"x 32"| 38"x 38"

Prices range from $795 - $1095

The Renoir

Rembrandt Room.png

A stylish and modern acrylic-mounted print brings your images to life with vibrant colors and depth.

available in a wide range of sizes with a variety of contemporary mounting options. a non-glare option is also available.

Sizes range from 18"x 24" to 40"x 60"

Prices range from $280 - $1800

Grey Room - Kandinsky.png

The Kandinsky


Overall size: 31"x 64"

Seven stunning aluminum prints arranged in a horizontal formation creating a modern and clean wall art feature.

The Da Vinci

Three stunning aluminum prints arranged horizontally, creating a powerful showcase for each image.

Round Couch - The Da Vinci.png

Available in two overall sizes:

18"x 52" | 24"x 69"

Prices range from $650 - $995

Stair case - Chagall.png

The Chagall

Seven stunning aluminum prints arranged vertically, perfect for

your entrance hall or stair well.

Overall size: 43"x 26"


Dali Room.png

The Dali

Stunning climbing wall art perfect for your stairwell. Available in medium and large installments

Prices range from $1095 - $1695

Available in two overall sizes:

Medium - Eight images - 64"x 39"

Large - Ten images - 84"x 56"

Mattise - Lounge.png

The Matisse

Overall size: 44"x 44"

Nine stunning aluminum prints arranged in a square

formation creating a modern and clean wall art feature perfect for your hallway, kitchen, or living room.


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