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Client Thoughts


No words can describe what a magnificent job you have done.

You captured our memories so beautifully, we yearn to come back!!

Thank you so much!

The Wilhelms



Hi Shmuel,

The photos are absolutely breathtaking, you did such a phenomenal job thank you so much!

I've been sharing the two-minute slideshow with family and everybody keeps commenting on how beautiful the photos are.

Thank you so much and we are really looking forward to printing them and cherishing these photos forever. I will definitely recommend you to whoever needs photography done in Israel.

All the Best,

Donna Warshaw (NY)



I'm sorry it took me so long to get back to you. These are simply beautiful!

Thanks so much!

All the best,

Rechy Zolty

Lakewood, NJ


Thank u so so much. The pics are gorgeous!!!

Zipy Zacks



Thank you! They are beautiful!

Abe Goldstein



As always, it was a pleasure to work with Shmuel at our family portrait session. All the attention to detail and energy he brings to an event was with him at the photo shoot and the results are proof of his talents. His ability to make everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera, coupled with his extreme talent, always result in gorgeous photos.

Tali Wohlgelernter



Amazing amazing! The photos are gorgeous!!

Can't wait to share with everyone!

Thank you so much for prioritizing them for us!

All the best,

Sara Welner (NY)


Stunning beyond!

Tzipori Weitman



Thank you so much!! I forgot to respond because I am busy looking through these beautiful pictures! You did an outstanding job!!

Shoshanah Weinstock



Wow, the pictures are absolutely amazing!

Thanks so much for capturing this for us!

Hendel Weber



Amazing amazing job with my family;

Thanks so much. Really beautiful :) :) :)

Jack Velenski



Thank you so much! The pictures are truly magnificent. and they are a beautiful remembrance of our trip!!

S. Thumin



Wow! All I can say is WOW!! We are beyond thrilled with these pics!!!

Thanks for capturing these incredible shots! You sure have got talent!!!

Please share my email w anyone asking for a reference.

We couldn’t have dreamed of a more perfect memory!!!


H. Ungar


Hi Shmuel,

You really left us speechless there!!

They are unbelievably beautiful, each picture containing so much feeling as we'd hoped to capture!

You have true talent and it was such a pleasure working with you! We will certainly be recommending you, my mother already wants to plan a trip with all my siblings:)

Thank you so so much and may you be zoche to bring many more families such happy memories!

Shira and Menashe Ryde



Dear Shmuel,

Stunning ! Amazing !! Thanks !!

Penina Velenski




The pictures are FABULOUS!!!!!

Have a great Shabbas!

Eti Taub



WOW WOW!!!!!! so super beautiful U captured great photos!

I told my husband u did an awesome job, especially you can't tell that he dislikes taking photos!

😄 The slide show is truly amazing I keep watching it over and over again Thank you!!

Chanala Tajerstein



Thanks! I LOVE THEM!

Suri Tabi



Thank you for these pictures- they are truly beautiful!

Sorale Stern



We love them!!! The pictures are exceptional and the memories unforgettable!

Thank you again so much especially for taking time from your yontif!

All the best,

Riva Tusk



Hi Shmuel,

The pictures are amazing, thank you so much for a wonderful photo session! -

Menachem & Lena (and family)



Thank you! Beautiful and awesome!!

Leah Sonnenschein



Shmuel Diamond is an exceptional photographer. He gave us an all round great experience where everybody – children, parents and Grandparents included had great fun shooting our photography session. He knew exactly what we wanted but used his own personal creativity to make it that the pictures were better than we could have ever imagined! My parents are still talking about it and it’s been 5 months already since then! Thank you for helping us with some very special memories.

...BTW I’ve showed tonnes of people the photos and everyone loves them! My closest friend in the UK is a photographer and she said that the family photo of us is the best family shot she has ever seen!

Cheryl Soltz

(Ramat Bet Shemesh)


Thank you so so much!!! We are loving them.

Thank you,

Aidie Shusterman



We loved the pictures that Shmuel took of our family. He has such creative ideas and so much patience.

The pictures are stunning and make beautiful memories, thank you!

Shoshi Sherman



Shmuel, I can't begin to thank you.

These photos are amazing!

Thank you for all of your wonderful work.

Shabbat Shalom,

Solomon Sheena



Shmuel - just watched the slideshow and they look amazing !!!!! Kol hakavod. I am a tough critic and I am BEYOND pleased and you are super duper duper talented. Thank you. Can't wait to tell everyone about you.

All the best, Shirley


Thank you Shmuel! Amazing amazing pics.

Mal Serure




I just wanted to properly thank you for the stunning magnificent pictures you took for us.

They are truly works of art.

Thank you so much!

Moti and Shaindy Seidenfeld



Hi Shmuel.

Thanks so much for making our morning and evening so enjoyable and fun !!! It was so wonderful working with both of you.

Thanks so much !!!

Rochel Fishman



Thank you so much!! They look beautiful! Thanks for all your patience and hard work- we really appreciated it!

Mimi Solomon



We don't have words.... These pictures are so above and beyond what we expected!!!!

You did such a phenomenal job!!!! Everyone is wowing over them....

thank you so much for seriously completing our simcha in ways no one else could!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!

Shaindy Plotzker



Absolutely beautiful!!! Thanks so much for doing such a great job! Shabbat Shalom

Dvorah and Avinoam Rosenfeld



Thank you so much Shmuel! We had a lot of fun and the pictures are unbelievably stunning... Thank you so much for giving us such beautiful lasting memories of Yerushalayim :)

Shlomo Rosenfeld


Thank you for these beautiful family photos!!

Becky Schwartz



Beautiful, Shmuel. Thanks so much!

Simcha Schonfeld



Simply smashing!!!!

Thank you Shmuel!!!!!

Shani Schnur




Shani Schechter

Lakewood, NJ


Wow!!! We love it.

Helping out some people making trips in the summer. You’re def going to be on their list

Devorah Rubin

Lakewood, NJ


These pictures are absolutely amazing.

Thank you for the slide show, what a treat!

It was truly a wonderful experience from beginning to end.

Hope to see you again one day soon.


Shiggy and Cipi Rosenberg

Lakewood, NJ


Wow! looks amazing.

Still going through them.

Thank you!

Rachelle Rosenberg




Shani Schechter

Lakewood, NJ


Hi!!! I know its been a while. A very looooong while.

First off I want to say how much I love the pictures and slideshow. You did an amazing job and I have recommended you to several people since...

Helen Pultman



Dear Shmuel - These are so wonderful! I can't get over how gorgeous!

HaShem should continue to grant you hatzlacha using your wonderful talent to enrich families memories of their precious travels to the Holy City! Can't wait to spread the word in Manhattan.

Thanks again!

The Pragers



Thank you so much.

They are so beautiful.

Rochie Porush



Love them!! You took beautiful photos! Thank you very much!

Many thanks again, and have a wonderful Shabbos!

Menucha and Dovid Page



Hi!!! I know its been a while. A very looooong while.

First off I want to say how much I love the pictures and slideshow. You did an amazing job and I have recommended you to several people since...

Helen Pultman



Wow! Stunning!!!!

Thank you so much for this beautiful memento of our trip.

It was so much fun to work with you for these portraits.

May you continue to capture these special moments for families in good health for many many years to come.

Thank you!

Shani and Chaim Nissel



Awesome, thank you so much!

Esti Motechin

Lakewood, NJ


Looked quickly so far, WOW!! Really great shots.

Thank you, Much future Hatzlochoh.

Devora Moller



We are BLOWN AWAY!!! Not only were you such a pleasure to work with- these pics are OUTSTANDING! You found a way to capture the most amazing moments.

Chaim woke me up at 5:15am and said that this is worth getting up for! You truly made our simcha spectacular!

Aliza Miller



Thank you again.

The pictures are amazing as usual.

Everyone loves them.

Abbe Mendlowitz

RBS, Israel


Thank you so much!!!

We are so happy with the photos. They were exactly what we had in mind.

You really captured our family and their smiles!

We definitely are sharing your name with our friends!

Udi and Sarala Mantel

Lakewood, NJ


Shmuel, We have no words.... the pictures are magnificent! We are so grateful to you. Thank you for turning our simcha into memories that we will cherish forever.

Estee Mandel



absolutely beautiful!

thank you so much!

We keep looking at them. every picture is stunning. Thank You! Thank You!

Malka Mandel



I am floored by these pictures... I'm so thrilled, and the fact that we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves was just magical-- because if you look at pictures that remind you of the 'torture' you went through, there's no magic there.

Thanks so much!!!!

Chayie Lowy



Thank u so much! Pics look great!

Was a pleasure working with you!

Devora Litwin




There are no words!!! Stunning and spectacular.

You captured the essence of our family and the occasion.

Thank you! Have a shanah tovah.

All the best, Este and Ari Lichtman



Sorry took so long to respond ….

But thank you thank you thank you !! These are incredible !!!!!

Sarah Levy

Lakewood, NJ


Your pictures came in right before Shabbat and I didn't have the time to tell you how extremely happy we were with your work. Each of us couldn't stop talking about our favorite pictures and I don't think any of them were the same. It was such a pleasure to work with you. You are extremely talented and I wish you much Hatzlacha in all future projects. We will be back to you with the decision of the 25 pictures and the 3 8x10 when we can all come to an agreement. Hopefully soon.

All the best.

Have a great week.

Cheryl Leon



Hi Shmuel!

Beautiful pictures!!

Thank you so much!

The Laufer's



Thank you so much! The pictures are gorgeous!

Sara Krinsky



We cannot thank you enough for these beautiful memories.

Pearl Klien



The pictures are magnificent. Thank you so much!

Frayda Katlowitz



Thank you again! The slideshow and pictures are all amazing!

We've all being looking at them all afternoon/ night. You captured the personalities and beautiful smiles of my kids and we are enjoying the pictures so much!

Thanks for your time and patience. You are super talented!

You should continue to enjoy capturing beautiful moments of many people's simchos!

Rivka & Shmuel Kazarnovsky



Thank you so much!

These are all wonderful! I'm already trying to figure out which ones to hang on our wall.

Much hatzlacha,

Suri Katz



The pictures came out great!

Thank you so much really amazing!

Sarah Kadish



Wow. These pictures are absolutely stunning.

Thank you so much for sending them.

Heshy Eissenberg



Thanks so much the pictures are amazing and you were a pleasure to work with!

Moriel Jaffe


Oh. my. Gosh.

They are insanely gorgeous. thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Estie Israel



After our first shoot with Shmuel my husband and I agreed that we can't imagine using a different photographer! Shmuel is delightful to work with! My family waited all year to do our shoot, we wanted to take photos once our daughter was walking. As kids always have a mind of their own, my daughter was teething on the day of our long awaited shoot! I was totally bummed that I wouldn't get the pictures I wanted- but Shmuel captured gorgeous photos of my cranky 1 year old! Shmuel and his crew were upbeat the whole time and even though my daughter was not cooperating they continued to encourage me that the photos will be beautiful. Infact, the photos exceeded our expectations and we plan to arrange another session with Shmuel at the end of the year. We highly recommend Diamond Images! -

Rachel Glickman

(Cleveland, Ohio)


R’ Shmuel,

The pictures are magnificent!!

Thank you for keeping the memories alive. Can’t stop looking at that them.

They don’t say Shmuel Diamond is the best for nothing.


Moshe Horowitz


Awesome, thank you so much!

What a special treat...

Sarah Hoffman



Hi Shmuel,

These are awesome.

My husband says thank you for the memories and the memories of the memories of the memories!!!

Thank you again we had a gr8 time taking these pictures and it shines through in them!!

Naomi Hirschfeld



Pictures are stunning!

Thank you so much.

Faigy Hartman (NJ)


Hi Shmuel,

Thanks so much.

The pictures are amazing!!!

Nate Hardy




Thanx so much!!!!

Ayala and Shalom

(Bet Shemesh)


Thanks so much!

The pictures are beautiful!

Rona Gold




No words to thank u!!!

Pics are stunning! I'm extremely pleased Bh!

Best Regards,

Chanie Gips



Thanks so much for the beautiful pictures!

And for the tremendous effort it took to get to us, we appreciate it very much.

David and Goldie Gluck




Thank you so much. The slideshow and gallery portraits are so special and you truly captured the moment.

Frayda Ginsberg



OMG!!! These pictures are literally stunning!!!!!!!!!!

SO sharp and clear!! You really captured the moments! Thank you so much!!!

Faigy Fischman



Firstly, Thanks so much for the quick delivery of the images - I wasn't expecting them so soon.

Now there's really no words to use!! I am so thrilled that we did this session!

You made my dreams a reality!! The pictures are one by one gorgeous - can't wait to create my wall art with them!  :)


The Friedmans



Thanks. Beautiful.

The Friedmans



Thank you so much. The video is beautiful!

...The pics are beautiful too, Thank you.

Leah Friedman



Thank you so much! the pictures are amazing and beautiful! they came perfect timing, right as we were moving and needed something to cheer us up! we really enjoyed seeing them! THANK YOU!

Simcha Friedman



Thank you so much the pictures are beautiful. The scenery is amazing!!!!

My family is enjoying it loads. 

We really appreciate it!

Chayala Fried



Thank you so much we truly had tremendous pleasure looking at the beautiful slide show & all the pics !! You did such a professional, stunning job!

Thanx so much for all your time, skill, & talent

Henny Fleisher



Wow! I love them.

Thanks so much!

Devorah Finkelstein

Lakewood, NJ


Dear Shmuel,

WOW! The slide show took my breath away. You are a true artist!!

Your patience throughout the shoot made the experience enjoyable.

Thank you for capturing our memories so beautifully!!

We will cherish them forever,

Chanie Feldman


Hi, Just wanted to say thank you for the magnificent pictures.

You really did a beautiful job and even in the heat made it so easy, and got such fabulous shots!

We keep replaying the video, what a great memory to have!

It was truly a pleasure!!  Hope to have the zechus to return in the near future iyh.

Best Regards,

The Fastens



Thanks again for an outstanding job.

Toby Engel



The pictures are amazing!! Breathtaking! 

Thank you!

Gitty Elkon



Wow. These pictures are absolutely stunning.

Thank you so much for sending them.

Heshy Eissenberg




Was so much fun working with you. You captured the moment and all of our kids personalities so well. We were nervous about taking our bar mitzvah to E"Y. But these pictures made it all worth it!!

Thanks again!

Chanie Eichorn



Hi shmuel, this is faige dachs.

We just wanted to let u know how happy we r with the pictures u took of our family.

We had such a great time and was such an absolute pleasure dealing with u. You truly do amazing work.

Thanks so much for capturing our trip to EY so beautifully.


Faige & Daniel Dachs



Beautiful Stunning Pictures!!!!!

Thank you so much!!!

We enjoyed the photoshoot and are looking forward to our next simcha i"yh. 

Mords & Sara Amsel 



Thank you!!! These are fabulous and so touching!!!

My fav part is that you made the selections and narrowed down for us!  That’s the hardest part!!

Thank you thank you!  Beautiful work! 

Yamit Karp 


Wow!! You are an incredible talent!! This made my day! 
So gorgeous!!!

Suri Muller

New York


No words !!! Beautiful each and every one ! 

Libby Lefkowitz



Sorry for the late reply but we were really amazed by the pictures we received. absolutely stunning

Thank you so much.

Tzvi Walzer

New York


I just wanted to say Thank You!
We're again blown away this year! This collection is absolutely breathtaking!  You captured my family to  perfection. I can't stop looking at them and I'm so amazed how they look completely different from last year... I got the best of both.. last  year is more dramatic, and brings out a more sophisticated mood... While this year  has the more  relaxed and calming vibes..
You're brilliant at what you do and at the same time we all have memories of such a fun day!
A gut gebentched yur. Gut yom tov.

Mrs. T. Frand 



Wow wow wow. No words 

This photo shoot is a masterpiece !

I cannot thank u enough for the wonderful experience and the magical results !

A git yt!

Family Biegeleisen 


Thank you so much! The pictures are absolutely beautiful!

... Thanks again - we really enjoyed working with you.

Hershy Weinberger



just got it yesterday.

we love love love them. thanks again.

Faigy Frenkel


You legit brought tears to my eyes!! happy tears 

Mimi Mermelstein

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