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Client's Thoughts



I love!! Thank you so so much!!

The pictures are gorgeous!!!

Thank u!!

Nechama Zand (NY)


Hi Shmuel,

Thank you so much for the pictures.

Hashem has blessed you with an amazing talent.

May you continue to be able to make people happy!

Thank you again and wishing you continued hatzlacha,

Simon, Aliza and family



Wow…. I just tried calling you…it was so amazing…I really got the chills

…thank you for your amazing work!!!!

Joey Ancona



Hi! I only STARTED looking at the pics and I can't tell how excited I am!!!! They are absolutely gorgeous! I love the poses, clarity, and everything else!!

Thank you thank you and thank you again!!!

Have a great day,

Dina Willner (NY)


These pics are insanely amazing!

Bh… thank you so much!

Joe Yurowitz (NY)


Shmuel, I have no words !!!

You captured our family and the excitement of the event so eloquently!

Thank you so much!!!

Mati Weiss



I am in tears!!

This is so beautiful!! You are truly talented.

Thank you so much!

Will be in touch :)

Bini Waldner (NY)


Working with Shmuel Diamond and his team was a pleasure: before, during and even after our simcha.

We were extremely pleased with the photos as they truly captured our personalities

Miriam L. Wallach



Hi Shmuel,

The slideshow and pictures are fabulous!!!

Thank you!!

We're looking through them now.

They are all so beautiful.

Thank you!

Yocheved Wagner



Thank you for the beautiful pictures and slide show!

You did a great job! It was really an enjoyable experience.

Taking pictures especially with kids can sometimes be not exactly fun but you really made it go smoothly and easily!

Thank you,

Chaya Baila Stanieski



Shmuel, you did it again!! Captured all the kids personalities and got stunning pics in such a calm & relaxed environment!!

Channie Eichorn



We are slowly going through the photos and savoring each shot and all the memories each one invokes.

The pictures are absolutely magnificent and we are so grateful to you for capturing these precious moments with such seemingly-effortless talent & precision!

C. Braun




Thank you so much !!!

I have only seen the video and I'm already crying. BH so cute and beautiful.


Raquel Shneiderman



Gadlus! They are fabulous ! Thank you so much,

Gila Shebson


Some of these are breath-taking! Thank you.

Michael Shebson



Thank you sooo much!

They look amazing

Avremi Schapiro



Dear Mr. Diamond,

I want to thank you for the email with the pictures. They are incredible!

You really captured the special moments in a beautiful way and gave us pictures that we will treasure for years to come.

The slideshow is such an easy and convenient way to share the highlights with friends and family.

Thanks again,

Shira Sebag


Absolutely precious!

You do great work!

חג כשר ושמח

David Tusk (NY)


SO many stunning photos to choose from!!

I’m blown away. Thank you so much!

Rena Schwartz



Hi, We were so excited to get the email containing our photos!

The pictures are beautiful and you really captured Yisroel's simcha.

You took such beautiful pictures of our daughters as well, thank you for giving them some focus too on their brother's big day.

We look forward to creating an album.

We glimpsed your feature in Mishpacha magazine, looking forward to reading it in depth on Shabbos.

Thank you!

Shmuli and Ruchy Schwartz



We can’t thank you enough for your work.

You are brilliant.

We appreciate capturing the moment forever to come.

All the best always!

Dorothy, Paul and Alexander Ross



Shmuel Diamond captured the deepest essence of the most meaningful day of our bar mitzvah boy’s life. Shmuel Diamond did not merely photograph our family simcha, he created a work of majestic art so moving and profound that the emotion, sentiment and experience of that special day rise from each image and seamlessly float into the soul of the viewer.

Shmuel ensured that this wonderful event would never become a distant memory but would instead remain a special moment frozen in time that can be experienced many times for the first time, by simply glancing through the collection of memories that he so perfectly captured.

Simcha D. Schonfeld (NY)


Hi Shmuel,

...Well, what a joy! Thank you so much. You captured some wonderful moments...

Jo Schneeweiss



Hi!!! I know its been a while. A very looooong while.

First off I want to say how much I love the pictures and slideshow.

You did an amazing job and I have recommended you to several people since...

Helen Pultman



There are AMAZING!!! Thank you!!!!

Lauren O'Desky

Milwaukee, USA


I just wanted to thank you so much for the most beautiful slideshow and pictures!

I'm so happy that the weather worked out, and we decided to go ahead with it!

Thank you, and I will definitely recommend you to my friends!


Ayala and Avi Orner



This brings tremendous Joy and nechama to our family, and especially to me.

Thank you for giving us memories we will cherish for a lifetime not just in physical photos but in ones implanted in our hearts. You made the day fun and exciting and captured our true essence not just a pose.

Thank you again for your kindness and your professionalism.

May you and your family only know bracha and simcha.

May we rejoice in the coming of mashiach soon in our days.

Naomi Rivkah Most


Shmuel, Thank you for an amazing job.

The pictures really capture our family personality. You made everyone feel comfortable and we all had fun! It was Erev Yom Tov and you were calm and patient.

The pictures are wonderful and already adorning our walls.

Thank you and hope to see you soon!


Susan Nadritch



Shmuel, Once again you really outdid yourself… the pictures are beautiful…

You’re a pleasure to work with, and you really captured our family with your talent.

We’re so thankful that we made it to Israel to celebrate another BM with you!

Hadasa & Motty



We are BLOWN AWAY!!! Not only were you such a pleasure to work with- these pics are OUTSTANDING! You found a way to capture the most amazing moments.

Chaim woke me up at 5:15am and said that this is worth getting up for!

You truly made our simcha spectacular!

Aliza Miller



Dear Shmuel,

Once again you did an outstanding job!

The pictures are beautiful and really capture Daniels Bar Mitzvah Weekend.

Thank you for taking the time from your Simcha to share in ours!

Gut Shabbos!


Hadasa & Motty Mendelsohn



Thank you so so much! gorgeous pics as always!

Always a pleasure working with you.

May we continue to share in many more smachot.

Ayala Waltuch



Thanks so much. Chumi and I just watched the YouTube real. Chumi's looking through some of the pictures now. They came out unreal. You’re awesome and amazing and you rock!

Thank you so much.

Jerry Latinik



WOW!!! The pictures are magnificent!!! Thank you! ...

Thank you again for the beautiful pictures!

Dinah Krygier



Thank you so much these are really really beautiful!!!!

Shloime Lamm


Kurland-160 C.jpg

Hi Shmuel the pics are great! ...

Thanks again so much! The video was epic! Love all the pics!

Chany Kurland, NY


It is [the album] absolutely beautiful! The pictures are magnificent and you captured everything so perfectly. You are a master photographer and essentially a master storyteller. I have no words…

Good Shabbos!

All the best,

Dinah Krygier



Dear Shmuel,

You truly brought us so much beautiful light to our simcha!!

These captured our day so beautifully, the memories so beautifully will continue to live on in your incredible photography.

Truly so special seeing yishai put on tefillin u captured every moment.

Thank you for this incredible gift.

Love simon and natalie


Stunning. Really breathtaking. We can't thank you enough.  ❤️🙌🏼🙏🏼

Rabbi Doniel Katz,



We hired Shmuel Diamond through word of mouth.

We live in Toronto Canada and were planning our son’s Bar Mitzvah in Israel. Friends of ours did something similar and showed us their Bar Mitzvah album. We were so impressed that we just hired Shmuel Diamond without even getting other quotes.

Shmuel is both an artist and professional. He took so many amazing pictures that it was difficult to select the ones that would be included in the photo album. The album is extraordinary and we have received many compliments on it.

We were so pleased with his work that we have hired Shmuel again for our younger son’s Bar Mitzvah. Shmuel Diamond Photography does an exceptional job at capturing those special moments in your life.

Mike Ironi



Wow, the pictures and video are incredible!!!

You really captured the emotions of the day! we love looking at them over and over again.

Thank you again!!!

All the best,

Micci Hackel



Thank you again! The slideshow and pictures are all amazing!

We've all being looking at them all afternoon/ night. You captured the personalities and beautiful smiles of my kids and we are enjoying the pictures so much!

Thanks for your time and patience. You are super talented!

You should continue to enjoy capturing beautiful moments of many people's simchos!

Rivka & Shmuel Kazarnovsky



Hi! Honestly better than I could have even dreamed!

Ty again! You really are allowing us to relive such a special day with every pic...

Chanie Gross


Hi I just wanted to say thank you!! The album is even more beautiful then we could have imagined! U captured so much more then just a pic of smiling ppl...u captured the joy & celebration of that day, that moment...u froze a moment in time of pure simcha & hacharas hatov that we will never forget... Tysm!!!


The entire Gross Family


Thanks so much!! Pictures are really beautiful! I’m Super excited! ... I absolutely love the slide show!

Perri Greenwald



They look amazing. Thank you !!!

Estee Eisenreich



Hello, and thank you so much.

it’s the first moment since coming home that I’ve had to sit down and even skim the photos. They are beautiful and I am so grateful for all that you captured.

Esther Dusinsky



Shmuel, I'm crying... the combination of the music, the incredible shots and the sweet memories are overwhelming.... You are a true artist!!! May you continue to use your g'd given gifts to increase simcha in klal Yisrael!

Ita Bronner



What can I say? The pictures are just beautiful!

We love them!

Thank you so much,

Solomon Bitton



Thanks so much! The pictures are beautiful! We are really enjoying them!

Fraidy Beiser

Givat Zeev


Wow! Super!!!!

Ariel Bobroff



The pictures are unbelievable!!

Thank y u so much for enhancing our simcha!!!!! We have already recommended you!

May we share in many more simchas.

Tizi Berger



The pictures are incredible. Thank you

Shaynie Rosenthal


I must mention that we absolutely love the album and we continuously enjoy reviewing and reliving the great moments we spent with you.

Your mentchlichkeit, exuberance, humility, and professionalism is consistently spoken about and it played a major role in creating such memorable uplifting moments for all of us.   THANK YOU!! 


Amazing job. Wow! Thank you so much! 

Thank you,

Moshe Sitorsky



We love the photos,


Alex & Jen



Hi Shmuel,

Thank you so much!  These pictures are gorgeous and I am so happy with them!  I appreciate the extra quick turnaround.

Thank you!




Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures that did an amazing job capturing this special event!! We are so happy with them!

Blimi Aviv



Wow!! Thank you. They are so so beautiful !

And thank you again for accommodating us - you made the simcha so special for all of us but especially for Benny...

thank you again

Rivky Neustadt



WOW!!! Incredible pictures, this is so exciting and we are so happy to have these to remember this milestone. 

Thank you!!

Dov Elman



Thank you for a wonderful experience and beautiful memories. We love the pics and are enjoying the slideshow. ty

Yosef Jacobowitz

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